Lamp Shade

€15 per piece

4 pieces

26 cm in diameter x 11 cm tall

Combine utility and style with a crisp contemporary feel that is quintessentially American. Crow Canyon splatter enamelware is stylish for daily use, indoors or outside. Every pattern is hand-crafted and unique.

Lamp Shade - 4 pieces

  • As durable as it is versatile, enamelware has long been the American cook's favorite in the kitchen, on the grill or on the campfire.  It moves easily from refrigerator to oven and stovetop -- even to the barbecue or grill.  The baked-on porcelain finish makes it easy to clean. The brightly colored speckled enamelware goes from the kitchen to the table, often doubling as serving pieces.  Plus, it travels well to parties, family gatherings and outdoor events.

  • Crow Canyon Home classic enamelware is made of two coats of porcelain fused onto steel, resulting in smoothness and durability. This enamelware will not break if dropped but characterful chips may appear to add a unique, charming rustic look.  The steel will naturally oxidize, but the enamelware will remain safe to use.

    All good things come back around and it is certainly true about traditional enamelware. Renowned for its timeless elegance, design and enduring strength, classic enamelware is once again proving to be extremely popular, even in the hospitality industry, for its hard wearing, versatile nature.

    Key Features:

    • Classic design
    • Durable
    • Smooth finish
    • Two coats of porcelain fused onto steel
    • Suitable for use on gas and electric stovetops
    • Safe for oven and grill use
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Suitable for use in HoReCa environments


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